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Many people have scars that cause them to feel self-conscious. Scars are not always caused by injury and are often the result of surgery or caused by another condition such as acne. If you have scars that you want to get rid of then you’ve likely tried other treatments with little to no results. Many creams and medications that are sold to treat scars are unfortunately not very effective.
One of the most effective ways to treat scars is through laser treatment. Laser scar removal has a number of benefits but first let’s look at the different types of scars that exist.

Types of scars

  • Keloid scars –
    Keloid scars are common amongst those with dark skin. They are a type of scar that’s caused by an overly aggressive healing process and they extend beyond the original injury that caused them. It’s possible to prevent the formation of keloid scars by applying silicone gel pads to the wound after you’re injured.
  • Contracture scars –
    Contracture scars are usually caused by the skin being burned. Contracture scars can be very uncomfortable since they causes the skin to tighten, which in turn impairs movement. When the burning is severe, contracture scars can go deep and affect the muscles and nerves.
  • Hypertrophic scars –
    Hypertrophic scars are quite common and usually red and raised from the skin. They are caused by an excessive amount of collagen forming and are usually brought about by piercings, cuts and burns.
  • Acne scars –
    Acne scars are very common in those who suffer from acne. They are usually deep and rough in appearance and can be quite challenging to treat, especially if there is a severe outbreak of acne close to the scars.

Why laser treatment?

There are some key advantages that laser treatment provides as a scar removal treatment.
These include –

  • Extremely effective means of scar treatment
  • Non-surgical treatment so there is no downtime or further scarring
  • Short recovery time
  • An FDA-approved treatment

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If you have scars that you want to get rid of then laser treatment could be the perfect solution. Get in touch now to book a consultation so we can decide the best course of action to treat your scars.

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