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When you think of December in Florida, you usually do not imagine extreme cold weather, blizzards, or having to bundle up in heavy winter clothing. Although winter in Florida does not have as dramatic of weather changes as other parts of the country this time of the year, there are still some changes that occur during the winter months. These changes can make an impact on the health of your skin. Floridians still have to deal with cooler weather than they are used to, occasional indoor heating, and increased wind. This usually results in drier air than your skin is accustomed to. So what is the best way to prepare your skin for the change in weather? Making changes to your skincare routine, consulting with a dermatologist, and having specialty skin treatments can help your skin adjust to the change in weather conditions. These easy tips will get your skin ready for all of the holiday events that you have coming up.

Properly Cleanse

While the weather is slowly changing, humidity levels may still be high. This may cause your skin to become oilier faster, leading to clogged pores and breakouts. Practicing a proper cleansing routine, washing your face morning and night, can remove any excess oil, debris, makeup, or other pore clogging irritants. Look for cleansers that will gently cleanse, without stripping your skin of its natural oils. Taking away your skin’s natural oils can cause your face to become dehydrated.

When the temperature and humidity does drop below levels that your skin is used to, your skin may become drier. Due to the moisture level in the air dropping, the amount of moisture in your skin drops as well. Combat dry skin with gentle cleansers that are free of drying ingredients, such as sulfates.


Sunscreen is often overlooked once we start to think about holiday decorations, but it should be included in your skincare routine year round. The sun is responsible for signs of premature aging and can cause skin cancer. It is very important to protect your skin from the sun’s damaging rays. Remember to reapply when necessary. This is particularly important if you are active outside. Sunscreen may not make a noticeable difference in your winter skincare, but in a few years you will be thankful that you kept applying. Especially if your friends start noticing age spots and your skin still looks youthful and clear.


When the temperature gets cooler than your body is used to and winds increase, your skin may become drier. If you have dry skin you may notice more dry patches than before as the seasons change. This can be fixed by changing your moisturizer. For those that notice their skin has become very dry, try an oil based moisturizer. These products create a protective barrier on your skin and help to retain moisture longer. Look for moisturizers that include humectants and emollients. When looking at oil base moisturizers, you want to make sure that they are not oils that will clog your pores. Oils such as almond, primrose, and avocado are great for keeping your skin moisturized without causing breakouts.


Exfoliation helps to remove dead skin cells, which often build up when your skin is dry. When this dead and dry skin is removed, refreshed and brighter skin is revealed. There are different methods of exfoliation such as a scrubs, exfoliating devices, pads, or cloths. If your dry skin is more aggravated in the cooler months, you will greatly benefit from regular exfoliation. Microdermabrasion is a great in office exfoliating treatment. By getting rid of the buildup on the top layer of skin, it is easier for dry skin to absorb skincare products and appear less dull.

Stay Hydrated

Hydration of your body helps your skin to fight the drying effects of the environment that it is in. It is essential to get the recommended amount of water for you. Keeping a refillable water bottle with you throughout the day will make getting your daily amount of water easier. Try to limit your caffeine intake, as this can reduce hydration due to its diuretic effects. Staying adequately hydrated will keep your body and skin moisturized. This often results in a glowing complexion.

Treatments We Offer

These at home skincare tips will help you through December and the other winter months in Florida, but if you feel like you need more, you can always come into our office. We have a certified dermatologist on staff that can give you a comprehensive consultation. They will analyze your skin to give you personalized recommendations of what products and treatments would be best for you. We offer many treatments to help refresh and rejuvenate your complexion. Here are a three of the basic spa treatments we offer, but our office also offers more advanced procedures to get you the skin of your dreams.


A facial is a treatment that you should have a few times a year to maintain optimal skin health. It helps your skin to recover from environmental stressors and changes in the weather. This treatment can maintain, repair, and support skin health. They are also a very effective and gentle way to clear out pores.


Microdermabrasion is a minimally abrasive treatment to exfoliate your skin, by removing the damaged outer layer. This treatment works by promoting collagen production. Collagen production helps the skin in a number of different ways. Microdermabrasion can reduce the size of pores, treat acne, reduce fine lines, treat blackheads, and minimize the appearance of age spots. After your treatment you are left with a rejuvenated and brighter complexion.


Microneedling is a treatment that causes minor injuries to skin that stimulate your body’s natural healing process. During this process collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid is produced. This can help your skin to become tighter, improving fine lines and wrinkles. It can also reduce the appearance of scarring and help the absorption of serums and other skin nourishing products.

Even though in Florida there is not as intense of winter weather, you still have to make changes to your skincare. It is also helpful to have a few treatments to optimize your at home skincare routine. If you are interested in any of these treatments or learning about other ones that we offer, call our office today.

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