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Sclerotherapy or simple vein treatments in Sarasota, FL

It is believed that half of all adult women may experience telangiectatic leg veins, more commonly known as spider veins, at some point in their lives.This widespread aesthetic issue is characterized by small clusters of unsightly blue, red, and purple veins, and it most frequently appears on the thighs, calves, and ankles. It is also possible for it to appear on other areas of the body.

Spider veins and bigger varicose veins can sometimes be the source of physical pain, including aching, burning, swelling, and cramping, particularly during the night.

Sclerotherapy is a treatment that helps shrink spider veins and varicose veins that is both straightforward and risk-free. An injection of a solution is given straight into a vein, which causes the lining of the blood vessel to enlarge and get adhered to each other. The vessel eventually transforms into scar tissue and disappears from visibility as this process takes place over time.

*Individual results may vary

About Dr.Sax


About Dr.Sax
In addition to medical dermatology, my team and I also provide a wide range of premium cosmetic skin care services...Read More

How does sclerotherapy work?

During the process, a sclerosing solution is injected into the targeted veins. Veins collapse and finally dissolve and disappear as a result of this medicine.

Who is a good candidate for sclerotherapy/vein treatment?

Both men and women can have spider veins and bulging veins. Spider veins and varicose veins are more likely to happen if they run in your family, you are overweight, you are pregnant, or you stand or sit for long periods of time.Most of the time, spider veins and varicose veins get worse as people get older, but sometimes these swollen veins can appear as early as the teenage years.

Sclerotherapy is a great way to treat spider veins and varicose veins for most people. Dr. David Sax may suggest different treatments for different types of varicose veins in some situations.

Sclerotherapy is not a good choice for women who are pregnant or nursing, or for people who have certain health problems.

What can I expect both during and after the procedure?

When larger varicose veins are injected, you may feel like you have cramps for one to two minutes. After the treatment, you will be told to “compress” the treated vessels by wearing support socks or wraps.

After sclerotherapy, you might feel different in some ways. Larger varicose veins that have been injected may get lumpy and/or hard for a few months before they go away.At the injection sites, there may be raised red spots that should go away in a few days. At the places where the shots were given, the skin may have brown lines or spots. Most of the time, they go away in three to six months, but about five percent of the time, they stay. The area around the injection site may get bruised, which can last for several days or weeks.

In general, sclerotherapy works in three to six weeks for spider veins and three to four months for bigger veins.If the treatment works, the veins will not come back. But over time, new veins may show up, and if you need more injections, you can come back.

What kind of results can I expect from vein treatment or sclerotherapy?

Most people who get sclerotherapy have great results, saying that their legs look younger, clearer, and healthier. Most veins that have been treated will be gone within 6 weeks. Even though veins that have been treated won’t come back, it’s important to know that new veins may appear in the future.

How can I learn more about sclerotherapy/treatment for veins?

Dr. David Sax will be happy to meet with you to discuss sclerotherapy. Please call our office at 941-360-2477.

About Dr.Sax

About Dr.Sax
In addition to medical dermatology, my team and I also provide a wide range of premium cosmetic skin care services...Read More