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Facial hair has been in the media a lot recently, in no small part thanks to the rise in demand for beard transplants for men. Although thick facial hair is desirable if you’re a man; if you’re a women you’ll want a smooth face that’s free of any facial hair at all.
Some facial hair growth is normal for women, but when it’s too thick or prominent, especially in areas such as the upper lip, then it can be a source of embarrassment and affect your self-esteem.
When getting rid of unwanted facial hair, there are several options available.
Below are some of the most common solutions.


Waxing is a very common solution to getting rid of unwanted facial hair. It is quick and effective and can be performed at home. However, the one big downside to waxing, other than it being painful, is that it causes skin allergies for many women. Redness and itchiness are not uncommon side effects and repeatedly waxing can damage your skin.


Using razors is another quick and simple solution to get rid of unwanted facial hair. The only real downsides are that you have to use them regularly since the hair will grow back and also you can cut yourself if you’re not careful.


Bleaching is different from shaving or waxing in that you’re not actually getting rid of the hair, but rather disguising its appearance by lightening the color. It’s certainly effective for some women although it’s not suitable for those with thick hair growth, and again – can cause damage to your skin.

Natural remedies

An increasingly popular way to treat facial hair is by using home-made natural remedies, such as masks and facial scrubs. The effectiveness of these treatments varies. Although they generally contain ingredients that are good for your skin, such as apricot, honey and lavender – they’re not always effective at actually getting rid of the unwanted hair.

Laser hair removal

Lastly is laser hair removal. A lot of women are put off this form of treatment simply because of what it’s called but it’s actually a very effective way to get rid of unwanted facial hair.
Unlike other methods for getting rid of facial hair, laser hair removal is a permanent solution. It doesn’t just tackle the problem on the surface but instead a small current is sent to the hair follicle that destroys it. In most cases this will make it unlikely that hair will grow in this area again.
If you’d like any further information about laser hair removal or would like to book a consultation then don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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