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Sculptra® Aesthetic stimulates your skin’s own natural collagen production works which helps to restore its inner structure and increase facial volume, leaving your skin looking visibly smoother and younger.  Used over a series session, Sculptra® Aesthetic offers an alternative to hyaluronic acid fillers and is designed for use in people with a healthy immune system.
Sculptra® Aesthetic knows all about the secrets of youthful looking skin.

  1. Collagen Keeps Your Skin Smooth
    One of the biggest causes of visible aging of the facial skin is a loss of collagen.  Hidden deep in the dermis, collagen is a fibrous protein that gives added structure to the skin. It is an entirely natural protein, and one of the three major component that make up over 80% of a person’s skin. Collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid blend together to form a healthy layer of skin. As we age, collagen levels begin to fall, resulting in sags and wrinkles as the collagen and elastin begin to disconnect. Adding more collagen helps to improve the look of facial skin as it begins to deteriorate, keeping your skin looking youthful for longer.
  2. Facial Aging Starts A Lot Earlier Than You Would Think
    Did you know that the signs of facial aging can start as early as your twenties?  During this time, skin firmness begins to decrease as a result of both internal (genetics and natural aging) and external (sun exposure, smoking, pollution, sleeping positions, etc.) factors.You can help to prevent this by eating a healthy diet full of vitamins and nutrients, taking regular exercise, stopping smoking and moderating your alcohol intake.  Of course, you can also help to reverse the aging process by using our innovative Sculptra® Aesthetic treatments.
  3. Resurfacing Procedures For Younger Looking Skin
    Chemical peels, microdermabrasion and laser resurfacing modify the surface of the skin to correct visible signs of sun damage, such as fine lines, irregular pigmentation and blemishes. It can also help to reduce effects of aging, and also some skin disorders.  Resurfacing procedures remove damaged outer layers of skin to stimulate the production of collagen and new skin cells in the underlying layers, bringing about smoother, younger, healthier-looking skin.
  4. Injectables For Longer Term Improvements To Your Skin
    Toxins, traditional fillers (hyaluronic acid) and collagen stimulators are injected into facial areas to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles and restore facial contours. Facial injectables work gradually over a series of treatments, with effects that can last up to two years. These simple surgeries need minimal downtime and can be performed quickly and easily. They  target the underlying causes of the signs of facial aging, and will subtly restore the look of fullness to deep facial lines and wrinkles.
  5. Surgery – Invasive Treatments To Turn Back Time
    A wide range of surgical procedures exist, like liposuction, face-lifts and fat transfers, which are used to remove excess fat, lift severely sagging skin or fill facial hollows. These are the most invasive types of treatment.
  6. Self Generating Procedures To Stay Young And Beautiful
    Sculptra® Aesthetic works much differently than other fillers. It helps your body create and regenerate its own, natural collagen, thereby giving a longer lasting result. Sculptra Aesthetic is proven to last up to 2 years, and can be injected to create global volume, rather than just filling in deep wrinkles.

Here at University Park Dermatology, we offer skin care treatments that are truly exceptional. Call us today to find out about Sculptra® Aesthetic procedures.

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