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Here at University Park Dermatology we are always on hand to talk to our patients about the procedures we offer.  We understand that some patients may be nervous about making changes to the way they look, and want them to feel that they are in safe hands.
If you are considering undergoing Sculptra® treatments with us, here are some facts about the procedure.

What is Sculptra®?

Sculptra Aesthetic is an FDA-approved injectable that helps gradually replace lost collagen.  The loss of collagen is an underlying cause of facial aging. Sculptra adds volume to the face and fills grooves and hollows. This can give some lift and help with wrinkles because many wrinkles are created by loss of volume and provide results that last  for as long as two years, or more.

Which areas does Sculptra®?

It is used to correct shallow to deep wrinkles and folds on the face and is clinically approved for:

  • Hollow cheeks
  • Softening boney cheekbones
  • Nasolabial and melolabial folds (nose to mouth/mouth to chin)
  • Hollow chin area
  • Defining the jawline
  • Hollow temples
  • Deep folds between the nose and mouth, also called “smile lines”
  • Lines framing the mouth (marionette lines)
  • Chin wrinkles

How quickly will I start to see results?

Sculptra Aesthetic is designed to give you noticeable results that emerge gradually and can last more than two years. Treatment usually delivers its full effects with an average of three treatment sessions over the course of a few months. Because results happen gradually, you will see subtle yet noticeable results over time.

Is Sculptra® completely safe?

Sculpture is FDA approved in the United States and has been used worldwide since 1999. Because it does not contain any human or animal components, no allergy testing is needed prior to treatments.

Are there any side effects?

Side effects reported include injection site pain, redness, bruising, tenderness, itching and lumps, bleeding or swelling. Small bumps under the skin can sometimes be noticeable when pressing on the treated area. Larger lumps, with or without inflammation, have also been reported.

Who can inject Sculptra®?

Only licensed specialists can administer treatment. Here at University Park Dermatology we are fully licensed and trained in the use of Sculptra treatments.

Find out if Sculptra is right for you. Call for your free consultation, or request your appointment here.

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