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Finding a Sarasota Good Dermatologist FAQ

What should I look for in a dermatologist?
There are some key things you should look for in a good dermatologist. Below are some of the most important –

  • Board-certification
  • An easy-going yet professional manner
  • A flexible approach
  • A focus on improving your skin health over selling products/treatments
  • Friendly staff and a modern clinic
  • A good range of products and treatments

How do I know if a dermatologist is board-certified?
The best way to find out if a particular dermatologist is board-certified is by visiting ww.AAD.org. That website lists all the doctors in the US who are board-certified in dermatology. This is very important to know since there is no law that prevents a doctor who specialises in another field from offering dermatological treatments.
What treatments should a good dermatologist offer?
In addition to being able to properly diagnose any skin conditions you might be suffering from, a good dermatologist will also offer a range of cosmetic treatments, including facials, chemical peels and injectable treatments, such as dermal fillers.
What is the best way to find a Sarasota dermatologist?
There are several ways you can find a Sarasota dermatologist. First is to ask friends and family for recommendations. Although this can be an excellent way to find a dermatologist, you should still make sure you do your own research and find out if the dermatologist recommended is right for you.
Will a dermatologist be able to advise dietary changes?
Yes. A good dermatologist will be able to advise you on which foods you should eat more of and which you should avoid in order to improve the health of your skin and avoid any breakouts.
Will a dermatologist be able to cure my acne?
A good dermatologist should certainly be able to narrow down the cause of your acne and therefore recommend the best treatment. There is no way to 100% guarantee that your acne will be cleared since it can be a very difficult skin condition to treat.
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