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Why Tammy chose Dr. Sax
Tammy has been a patient of Dr. Sax since not long after he opened his practice and has been continuously impressed by the treatment she receives. She was initially referred to Dr. Sax by her primary care physician for a skin cancer diagnosis and after conversing and getting to know one another, she considered having other skin care treatments carried out.
After having several discussions with Dr. Sax, Tammy decided she didn’t want to have an invasive procedure but that she wanted to improve the appearance of her fine lines and wrinkles. Dr. Sax recommended a few Botox injections and Tammy decided to book her first procedure.





The procedure

When Tammy arrived at the clinic for her first Botox treatment, Dr. Sax explained every part of the procedure and didn’t do anything before asking Tammy’s permission. The Botox didn’t take long to administer and Tammy found the procedure to be relatively painless. Tammy noticed a subtle improvement in her appearance and was happy with the results she achieved from just one treatment.

Due to the fact that the Botox proved to be so successful, Tammy was interested in having another filler treatment and opted to have Juvederm after discussing the filler options with Dr. Sax. Both treatments only took a few minutes to carry out and all our staff made sure she was comfortable throughout each procedure.

The recovery

Tammy found both procedures to be practically painless and didn’t suffer with any discomfort in the days following. She had some swelling but minimal bruising and noticed the Juvederm results immediately after her treatment was completed. It took three days for the results of her Botox to become apparent and she was extremely happy with the results she was seeing.

Both of these procedures can be carried out in a very small amount of time which means they’re perfect for people with a busy schedule and with no down time, people can continue with their daily life and return to work immediately after the treatment.

Final thoughts

Tammy has returned for several Botox and Juvederm treatments since her first procedure and has never been unsatisfied with the treatment and service she receives.

She recognises that Dr. Sax is passionate and dedicated about providing professional treatments and creating brilliant results and has gone one to recommend Dr. Sax to several others.

Unlike other dermatologists that she has visited in the past, Tammy feels that Dr. Sax puts his patients first and is always happy to listen to their concerns. She has found every member of staff to be warm and welcoming and believes that the clinic boasts a relaxing and professional environment.

Book a consultation

If you would like to find out more information about our injectable filler procedures and the type of results you could expect to achieve, or if you would like to book a consultation, feel free to get in touch with a member of our team.

You can contact our clinic on 941-254-2321 and we will be happy to answer any of your questions. Further information about these treatments can be found on our website.

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