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Sculptra is an FDA-approved injectable treatment that stimulates the natural production of collagen in the body, providing long-lasting results. It can help to fill our your facial skin leaving you looking and feeling younger.
There are many reasons our patients choose Sculptra® procedures, including these:

  1. Sculptra® is a natural and safe facial filler that really works
    Sculptra is mostly made out of a Poly-L-lactic acid compound, a compound produced by the body that is particularly helpful to firm muscles after exercise. It is completely bio-compatible and safely absorbed by the body over time. It is far safer than many other types of facial fillers, that use toxin-based compounds that can be poisonous to your body.
  2. Sculptra® Provides Natural-Looking Results
    Unlike other toxin based fillers, Sculptra® doesn’t make your skin look stiff or fake.  Choosing Sculptra may mean that your treatment will take longer before you see results, but you will see a gradual improvement in your skin, as well as being left with completely flexible facial skin.
  3. Sculptra® Offers More Comprehensive Results

    Some people may opt for bi-polar radio and light technology as they are  less invasive than facial fillers.  They are also, however,  less effective than Poly-L-lactic acid facial fillers. Bi-polar radio and light tool can only correct wrinkles and fine lines and some shallow areas of the face. This is because the bi-polar radio and light can plump up what tissue is thereby stimulating collagen production but you may need a filler to take the place of tissue that is not there. Sculptra® offers a much more comprehensive approach to changing the overall appearance of your skin.

  4. Sculptra® Offers Long Lasting Results
    The results from Sculptra®  treatments tend to last longer than many other alternatives, and in some cases can even last for as long as two years. While it may need maintenance every two years, you will still be receiving a safer procedure, and more natural and younger looking skin for your investment.
  5. Sculptra® Patients Recover Very Quickly
    While we appreciate that your skin may be a little swollen, red and bruised after the treatment, these after effects will disappear soon enough.  Unlike surgical procedures, there is no need to wait weeks for scars to heal, for swelling to go down and for additional downtime away from work. You can even reduce the risk of bruising by abstaining from alcohol, aspirin and Vitamin E for a week before treatment.

If you would like to find out if Sculptra® procedures would be right for you, speak to us today.

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