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Stretch marks are caused by your skin expanding to a point where its natural elasticity can no longer sustain its integrity. Stretch marks can be very unsightly and are something that many people feel self-conscious about. Before looking at how stretch marks can be most effectively treated, let’s look at the common causes of stretch marks.

Common causes of stretch marks


    • Pregnancy –
      Pregnancy is an extremely common cause of stretch marks. Many women find that they are left with stretch marks after giving birth. During pregnancy, the skin around the stomach will expand quite rapidly and depending on your age when your give birth, it’s quite possible that stretch marks will be left behind as a result.


    • Weight fluctuations –
      If you gain or lose a lot of weight then it’s very possible that you’ll develop stretch marks around your stomach. Significant weight gain causes your skin to stretch a lot more than normal, especially around the stomach and often very noticeable stretch marks will begin to appear.


  • Corticosteroid medication –
    Creams, lotions and pills that contain corticosteroid can decrease the skin’s ability to stretch, causing stretch marks to appear more easily.


Laser treatment for stretch marks

When it comes to treating stretch marks, it can be very difficult to do through the use of creams and lotions. Stretch marks are not merely surface cosmetic scars so to effectively treat them, a more powerful solution is required. This is where laser treatment comes in. Laser treatment offers a long-lasting solution to getting rid of stretch marks since lasers can treat your skin at a deeper level.
The Icon™ Aesthetic System is a piece of technology that combines multiple devices and allows for the effective treatment of a number of different skin issues, including stretch marks. We have used the Icon™ Aesthetic System for our patients with great results.

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