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Are you curious about the new role that dermatology plays in your overall health and beauty?
The science of dermatology has changed dramatically over the years. Today, we can visit a dermatologist for traditional skin conditions such as acne, to cosmetic anti-aging procedures. Even skin cancer mole removal procedures can be performed safely in a dermatology office! To learn more, read SRQ magazine’s article, Skin Maintenance, featuring University Park Dermatology’s medical expert, Dr. David Sax.

The skin is the largest organ in the body, and, with the potential for over 3,000 diseases, it is an area that requires a great deal of continuous care and concern. As the summer months approach our sandy shores, the afternoon sun radiates with brutal UV rays that have the ability to cause blistering harm to the skin. Fortunately for us, dermatologists actively work to prevent and treat diseases of hair, skin and nails. Whether for checkups and consultations, beauty tips, surgical procedures, redness relief or acne care, seeking the guidance of a dermatologist is essential for the maintenance of healthy skin. SRQ met with several dermatolo- gists who discussed different aspects of skin care just in time for beach season.
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