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Introduce yourself…

What was the procedure like?

What was recovery like?

Would you recommend Dr. Sax?


Tammy’s Case Study: Transcription

Please introduce yourself…

Tammy: My name is Tammy and I have been a patient of David Sax, since soon after he opened his practice. He has done wonderful things for me. I was recommended to him by my primary care physician, because I have very fragile sunburn prone skin and he was recommended as the best. So I went to him originally for skin cancer diagnosis and then as we got to know one another I decided that maybe I might do a few little procedures, but I was hesitant.

I really wanted to feel only outside the way I felt only inside. I was tired of having weary lines. I was tired of looking like I was sad when I really wasn’t and that Dr. Sax was very, very gentle and explained that he would be thorough and professional and at the same time he would make sure that I was happy.

He never did anything without asking me. However, I will tell you that after I had visited him a few times I stopped telling him what to do and what I wanted because I realized that he could do a much better job of diagnosing that than I ever could.

What was the procedure process like?

Tammy: First of all, I never wanted an invasive procedure. I was frightened of that and I didn’t want to look different. I just wanted to look like the best version of myself and so I began with a few injections of Botox, which were virtually painless and within three days I noticed that my weary lines were gone, my frown lines were gone. The lines around my eyes were disappearing and I was very happy with that.

So for that all I did was Botox, but then Dr. Sax and I talked about it and we discussed fillers and the first time that I did fillers I was frightened as anyone with the something new and different, but there was nothing to it. Both of these procedures, the filers and the Botox honestly can be done on your lunch hour. There is very, very little downtime and from my experience I had no bruising at all from the Botox and very, very little bruising from the JUVÉDERM fillers.

And as far as pain goes there it was not existent; very, very little and the staff is wonderful. They make sure you are very comfortable and I cannot recommend him highly enough.

What was recovery like?

Tammy: In terms of recovery the first day after the procedure I had no pain at all and bruising and the wonderful thing about fillers is that you have instantaneous result. You don’t have to wait. But with the Botox usually in three days you will see the results that you really want. As far as downtime it was not existent with both of these procedures. If there was a little bit of bruising it was easily covered up with makeup and by the way if these procedures work for you the way they way work for me you won’t need that foundation anymore. All you are going to need is just a little bit of blush and you are good to go.

There is a procedure that Dr. Sax recently did for me, which is called the photo facial and what that did is got rid of in one visit with no pain at all. All of the age marks, all of the fraxels, of the discoloration that might my poor fragile skin had endured over the years. I grew up as many women did in the ’70s where sunscreen was just virtually not existent and after several blistering sunbirds and more fraxels than I can could count now they are at *bay*[0:01:23] and I am very, very happy with that.

Recovery is nothing. It’s really nothing. A little ice if it swells. Just a little bit at the injection sides and that takes care of it.

Would you recommend Dr. Sax to your friends?

Tammy: I would never trust my face ever to anyone besides Dr. David Sax and there are several reasons why I would never do that. The first reason is that he listens to me unlike several other dermatologists that I may have visited over the years. He takes the time to really listen to me and ask me what I want and what would be good for me.

Second of all, his staff is absolutely amazing. I have never encountered a more caring professional staff. I never have felt rushed in his office. I have never felt that he didn’t have time to talk to me and it’s just a wonderful professional place and what they did a bit ago which I am delighted to say is they opened a spa next-door and they have wonderful facials. They have, again, a very caring professional staff, but as with any dermatologist I originally went to Dr. Sax, because I had skin cancer and he is the one took care of multiple, multiple instances of skin cancer with me with very little scaring, which I don’t think many dermatologist could do because I have extremely fair, fragile skin and he respects that and knows how to deal with it.

Case Study provided by Sarasota photographer Steve Schadt