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You Will Look Thinner –

If you have a double chin, you are visually carrying more weight than you need to be. Double chins are created from a variety of factors including facial drooping or genetics. If you are suffering from bulky volume around your chin and your neck, consider Kybella. Kybella is a FDA approved injection that destroys the double chin and causes your jawline to appear tighter and more toned. The injection works by using a natural enzyme called deoxycholic acid which kills fat cells. The cells will be safely absorbed by the body and flushed through your system naturally. Patients report incredible visible results.

You Will Up Your Social Media Game –

We live in a world where social media is a powerful tool both in personal and professional circuits. If you feel that your double chin leads to unattractive photos or you are insecure about your snapshots, it is time to get Kybella. Start showcasing your best self! Your face is part of your brand and a person that is confident in their appearance projects a sense of respect and dependability. When you feel confident about your looks in real life, you will feel confident about sharing your life online.

You Won’t Need Surgery –

You do not need to fear going under the knife, having scars, or receiving anesthesia. The entire Kybella treatment takes approximately fifteen minutes and you will be awake the whole time. The doctor will treat your chin with lidocaine for numbing and to ensure you do not experience any pain. After the Kybella solution is inserted, you may feel some swelling or soreness but this sensation will start to wear off after several days.

You Won’t Need Downtime –

Kybella does not require surgery and therefore there is no recovery period. After each session, you can immediately return to your day-to-day activities and spend time with your loved ones. Again, you may perceive some soreness but this will dissipate in less than a week.

Your Results Will Last Forever –

Once your fat cells are terminated, they will never return! It is very difficult for anyone to remove a double chin through exercise and diet alone. With diet and exercise, it is possible to shrink the fat cells, however the cells still remain in your chin and neck waiting for nutrients that will allow them to grow. Kybella removes the cells altogether. No more fuss and no more worrying. Take care of the problem and say goodbye to your double chin forever!

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