Blue Light Therapy for Moderate Acne

You don’t have to be a teenager to struggle with acne. Many adults still find themselves with stubborn acne and are unhappy with the current treatment options. Fortunately, the unique photodynamic therapy offered by BLU-U, blue light therapy, can help clear up hard-to-control and moderate acne without the use of drugs or antibiotics.

What is BLU-U Blue Light Treatment?

Using a specialized blue light that kills acne bacteria in your dermis, BLU-U is a safe, non-painful way to help control your acne. How does it work? It’s simple – you sit with your face close to the blue light for a short session (typically about 17 minutes) once or twice per week, for up to five weeks.

Blue Light Treatment
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frequently asked questions

How do I find a BLU-U provider?

You may access our database of PDT providers to find a dermatologist in your area offering BLU-U light therapy.

Is the BLU-U a laser?

The BLU-U is not a laser. The BLU-U delivers fluorescent light scattered over a larger area. It also does not emit UV light.

How long is a BLU-U light therapy session?

The doctor will prescribe the most appropriate time frame for your acne, but typical sessions last roughly 17 minutes.

Who performs the BLU-U light therapy procedure?

A qualified healthcare professional is required to perform the procedure.

Before & After

Blue Light Therapy for Moderate Acne - Before and After Result

Blue Light Therapy for Moderate Acne - Before and After Result 2